Our Current Course Offerings

Business Analyst

Prerequisite: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, Nice to have any domain knowledge (Ex: e-Commerce, Insurance, Financials, Accounting, etc.)

Duration: 80 + Hours including assignments and presentations.

Business Analyst Role: Review, analyze and evaluate business systems and user needs. Document requirements, define scope and objectives, and formulate systems to parallel overall business strategies.

Business Analysis tools: JIRA, Confluence, LucidChart, Balsamiq, and Azure Cloud

Data Analyst

Prerequisite: Knowledge of Database and SQL, Analytical and problem-solving skills 

Duration: 120 + Hours including assignments and presentations.

Data Analyst Role: whose job is to gather and interpret data in order to solve a specific problem. The role includes plenty of time spent with data but entails communicating findings too. 

Here’s what many data analysts do on a day-to-day basis:

  • Gather data: Analysts often collect data themselves. This could include conducting surveys, tracking visitor characteristics on a company website, or buying datasets from data collection specialists.
  • Clean data: Raw data might contain duplicates, errors, or outliers. Cleaning the data means maintaining the quality of data in a spreadsheet or through a programming language so that your interpretations won’t be wrong or skewed. 
  • Model data: This entails creating and designing the structures of a database. You might choose what types of data to store and collect, establish how data categories are related to each other, and work through how the data actually appears.
  • Interpret data: Interpreting data will involve finding patterns or trends in data that will help you answer the question at hand.
  • Present: Communicating the results of your findings will be a key part of your job. You do this by putting together visualizations like charts and graphs, writing reports, and presenting information to interested parties.
  • Data Analysis Tools/Technologies: Excel, SQL, Python, PowerBI, Tableau and Azure Cloud

Data Engineer

Prerequisite: Strong Database knowledge, Fluency in SQL, Any programming Language experience, Nice to have cloud knowledge, Strong Analytical, and problem-solving skills .

Duration: 120 + Hours including assignments and presentations.

Data Engineer Role: Data engineers design and build pipelines that allow for the collection of data from multiple sources, with the goal of enabling data scientists to derive and deliver big data insights. Data engineers are valued for transforming data into a usable form.

Data Engineer Tools/Technologies: SQL, Business intelligence, ETL, Python, PySpark, Terraform, Data analysis, AWS Project, and Tableau