How it works?

The training program embarks on a transformative journey through a systematic 5 step process, meticulously designed to provide you with a comprehensive and structured learning experience. Each step is strategically crafted to maximize your growth, empower your skills, and set you on the path to success in the IT industry.

  • Step 1: Learn Course Concepts
    Preparing for Agile Projects: Trainees acquire a strong foundation in the designated course, such as Business Analysis, Data Analysis or Data Engineering by mastering the essential concepts and principles that form the basis of the field.
    Learn anytime with our user-friendly Learning Management System, providing 24 /7 accesses to lessons and resources. Trainees actively complete assignments and courses, applying and reinforcing their learning effectively.

  • Step 2: Learn Business Domain:
    Trainees acquire an extensive knowledge of diverse domains such as insurance and finance, enabling them to grasp the fundamental principles, practices, and dynamics of these industries. This valuable foundation equips them with the skills and insights necessary for future roles or careers involving collaboration with organizations operating within the insurance, finance, and related sectors.

  • Step 3: The Most Important step: Work in Agile Project
    Trainees actively participate in an Agile project setup, working collaboratively as valued team members. They attend daily scrum meetings, where they align their efforts with the team and plan their activities for the day. Throughout the project, Trainees work diligently and complete their assigned tasks, showcasing their progress to project leads for review and feedback. This review process allows trainees to receive guidance and ensure that their work aligns with project objectives and quality standards. It also provides an opportunity for continuous improvement and learning, helping trainees refine their skills and enhance their performance. This Agile approach fosters effective communication, coordination, and efficient progress towards project goals.

  • Step 4: Trainee Demonstration Phase:
    Trainees present their completed project deliverables to stakeholders, involving preparation, delivering the presentation, addressing questions, and receiving feedback and ratings.

  • Step 5: Preparation for Job
    Trainees solidify their knowledge through consolidation, engaging in working sessions, attending guest lectures, demonstrating case studies, participating in mock interviews, and building their confidence along the way.